Branding a Television Network?

The Blue Sky Network

There are strong brands in my different industry categories including consumer products (Apple), hospitality (Marriott), and technology (Intel).  But can a television network be branded? I wondered about that, but then I discovered the USA Network.  In contrast to the broadcast networks that show nonstop crime shows including gruesome topics and visually dark video; the Characters Welcome network is known for sunny and optimistic series with interesting characters.

So how are the shows ‘branded’? Just like retail stores that use branded visual elements this network with shows such as “Suits” and “Necessary Roughness” use blue skies whenever possible, and accent color in any potential drab scene.  Rough handheld video shots that appear choppy are not allowed and network executives have been known to move series such as “Burn Notice” from gritty Newark to Miami to maintain the Sunshine look and feel strategy.

The Bottom Line: USA network is the most-watched cable channel for the past five years. To read more on the branding of USA network link to the Wall Street Journal article.  Image by anankkml.

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