New Boeing 737 Interior

Boeing 737 - New Interior
Boeing 737 – New Interior

Boeing has redesigned the interior cabin of the 737- 800 with dramatic results.  The most noticeable change are the reengineered overhead luggage bins, similar to wide bodied jets, where the bins angle up along the circumference of the cabin instead of projecting horizontally above the seats.  This one change increases mobility, but more importantly crates perception of a much larger plane.  LED cabin lights allow for colored hues on the ceiling which are more relaxing than the typical cool white fluorescents and can be changed based on time of day and destination. In addition, the cabin window frames are shaped in a smooth sculptural form creating the appearance of larger windows.  

These changes are all engineered within the traditional cabin, however infrastructure including electrical wiring that used the space above the overhead bins had to be relocated to accommodate the bin reconfiguration.

Beoing 737 Interior
Beoing 737 Interior

For more information about the 737 visit Boeing’s web site.  Illustration source and article on the 737 see the Wall Street Journal.

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