Pop-Up Retail | Wild Bill’s Soda

Wild Bill’s Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Co.

Pop-Up retail is becoming all the rage and a prime example of the trend was on display in Fairmount Park this weekend at the Stotesbury Regatta in Philadelphia.  I came across this Pop-Up food cart selling a new brand of soda.  But this wasn’t the traditional quilted stainless steel street vendor cart; it was a quirky cart themed as an old-fashioned western town from two centuries ago.  The old west banding elements include vertical board storefront, vintage typeface, barrel type draft dispensers and soda names such as “Outlaw Orange” and “Sarsparillo Six Shooter”. 

But most impressive is the company’s business model, soda is sold in a collectible mug at a premium price and allows free refills all day long.  The venues chosen are local festivals such as regattas, arts festivals, and even rodeos.  Wild Bill’s web site is a fun and quirky extension of the brand including a similarly western themed site with an animation shoot the barrel/tin-can  game that explains the company’s products, history and what makes the brand experience unique.

Bottom Line: Wild Bill’s has hit on a perfect business model that introduces a new brand in a crowded market dominated by some of the most valued and profitable brands in the world. This concept introduces a new soda to new customers at authentic local venues with a premium price structure. This is a product and brand that you instantly feel good about.

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